In your journey to create a positive change in the world...


Do you sometimes feel you lack the support and skill to achieve your performance breakthrough?


Do you feel alone in your mission, that no one understands your passion or believe in your vision?


Maybe even have the thought of giving up creep into your mind during the darkest hours, when you feel your goals are just too beyond your reach?

Catalyst Coach Mentors

Hi there, fellow Social Entrepreneur.

Yes, we understand the challenges you go through, because as social entrepreneurs ourselves, we are often ridiculed for our idealistic views and naive missions. And yes, we’re familiar with the hopelessness before the end of the day, and the loneliness at the rise of the sun. Before you know it, routine sets in, distractions tempts us, and we forget about the forgotten we initially wanted to fight for.
Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, and feed him for a lifetime.
The Catalyst Apprentice program is where you will learn how to fish, because we know as a social entrepreneur, you are fully capable of feeding the world for a lifetime.

So what will you get when you join the Catalyst Apprentice program?

  • Access to a curated network of coaches, consultants and trainers, who will support your growth in leadership, domain experience and business skillsets

  • Over 50 hours of webinar contents to refine your skills as an social entrepreneur

  • Weekly coaching sessions where you will up-skill yourself in one specific area of your leadership and business

  • Masterclass sessions to help you review your goals, realign your strategy and reignite your passion

  • Live conferences and events where you can exchange ideas, insights and inspiration

Access to this transformative program by Special Invitation Only (worth USD$199 per year). This will give you access to the New Catalyst Apprentice Program 2019 and upon successful completion of the program, you will be recognised as a Catalyst Ambassador.

Join us and get equipped to Brave your world through Igniting Social Change!